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Funerals & Memorial Services

Bagpiper in Baltimore, Bagpiper in Maryland

Bagpipes at Funerals, Memorials and other Occasions.

Bagpipes are used to mark many momentous occasions, they have been used at times of change and tradition. They are associated with quality, dignity and strength. In historical times they have been used in Battle, they are now used at Graduations for futures just beginning. Weddings to signify a new journey of a married couple, And finally they are used to commemorate a life lived and the journey beyond. There is a sense of dignity and a job well done that can only be harked in by the sound of the Highland Bagpipes. If you’re looking for music to signify life change, or a life lost, bagpipes have a remarkable way to relay emotions, without words that come from within ones soul. I have over 29 years of mastering the highland pipes. I have been blessed by being a part of so many families’ new journeys. My experience can help provide just the right song where words can fail.